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Evil is a Matter of Perspective

A couple of months ago, I was surprised and delighted when Adrian Collins of Grimdark Magazine asked whether I would consider contributing a short story to an anthology he was putting together.

Well, I thought, I don’t really do short…

…stories told from the villain’s point of view, he went on…

oh HELLZ yeah.

Now, it’s probably no secret at this point that I enjoy reading and writing ambiguous characters. And by ‘ambiguous’ I really mean dark, disturbed, and bloody-minded. Write what you know, eh? There’s nothing much I enjoy more than turning over the slimy rocks of a human (or humanish) psyche to see what lies beneath.

What makes us tick?

What makes us…kill?

I am pleased to announce that the Kickstarter was fully funded, and the stretch goals are falling like main characters in one of my stories. Look at this author lineup. LOOK AT IT:

And it’s a pretty book too, Precious; not only does it have a gorgeous cover, but the stretch goal for interior art has been met, as well:

My own story, BLOOD PENNY, introduces Awitsu and Kanati, two daeborn children from Sindan trying to survive in a world that wants them dead.

Cute kids, aren't they?

Cute kids, aren’t they?

Spoiler: they survive…more or less.

Teaser: the rest of the world may not, by the time they get done.

If you haven’t backed this Kickstarter yet, do it now while there is still time. This is a volume you will NOT want to miss out on, trust me. I’d hate to see you kick yourself later on when all your friends have this awesome book and you are stuck rereading your mom’s old Agatha Christie novels.

Ok, I lied. I’d love to see you kick yourself. Because that’s how I roll.

Which may or may not be evil…

…depending on your perspective.

Jai tu wai,



The Dragon King in Atualon has found his daughter and heir. But when the girl’s youth and inexperience cause a magical backlash, the world’s leaders turn their covetous eyes on the power of atulfah. As kings and emperors play at war, the world struggles to survive…

And the dragon struggles to wake.


(by “soon”, of course, I mean “eventually”)

Jai tu wai,



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