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Cry Wolf, and Weep

The writers, the artists, those who sing–
The elders, who have lived this story before and hoped to die before it began again–
The indigenous people of the world, who still have one ear to the drums–
We are afraid.
We know this song, we know this story, we know.
We know that when we raise our voices, you will mock us, you will strike us down, you will bind our eyes with bands of blackthorn, you will pour hot oil on our lying tongues, you will break our bard’s fingers so that we might not tell the truth.
And before this nightmare is done
(this is why we sing, this is why we write, this is why we cry)
You will weep bitter tears and wish you had listened.
The prophet was right–



No matter how ugly the world may be, there is always beauty to be found in truth.

The Zeeranim, proud peoples of the desert, are protected by the Ja’Akari. These warrior women live and die in service to their people, and they value above all things the beauty that is to be found in truth, no matter how painful that truth may be.

I have decided to give away one of my very few, very precious Advance Reader’s Copies of THE DRAGON’S LEGACY, signed by me and sent out into the great cold world with much love.

If you would like to read this highly anticipated book before its release in April 2017, or if you are a bibliophile who loves to collect rare signed works, this is a golden opportunity. Simply enter my Rafflecopter giveaway (here) sometime between November 17, 2016 and December 17, 2017, follow the instructions, and reply to this post with your answer to this question:

What does being a warrior mean to you?

Best of luck,


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