THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM transports readers to a world of victory and betrayal, upon a journey from the bowels of the earth to the stars and beyond.

The ground trembles as Sajani Earth Dragon stirs in her sleep. And from the lost cities of Quarabala to the forbidden palaces of Sindan, all eyes turn towards the Dragon King’s new heir, wondering whether this strange young barbarian will be able to learn and wield atulfah, the magic that keeps them all safe…or whether the shift of power in Atualon might present an opportunity for an outsider to seize the Dragon King’s power.

Kings, emperors, and sorcerers struggle for control of this power and the Dragon Throne of Atualon, preparing to forward their claims through treachery, war, or alliances. It is a tale in which warrior plots against warden and the menace of a forgotten age stirs to life.

Here a sorceress stripped of her power learns once more what it means to be a queen; a princess struggles to remember what it means to be a warrior; a young boy learns to make the shadows dance to his tune; and a young warden must find within his heart an echo of the heroes of old.

In a time of sweet lies and bitter truths, alchemy and murder, history will be written by the victor…so long as one survives to tell the tale.

For when Akari Sun Dragon sings to wake his love, the web of the universe unravels.