I’ve never wanted to be the kind of person a demon would be happy to see.

SPLIT FEATHER is the first book of my super-series, SUN AND MOON, which comprises two distinct Urban Fantasy series that eventually become one.

DAUGHTER OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN: Siggy J. Aleksov is a troubled young woman. Taken from her family as a toddler, abandoned by her adoptive mother into the foster care system as a preteen, she is haunted by a history of abandonment, abuse, and mental health issues. She lives in a crappy trailer in the woods in Bearpaw, Michigan—alone, just the way she likes it. But then she goes and does something heroic, and screws up her rotten life even further. Hunted by a glitterpunk rock star–who is also a very gifted assassin, sent to uncomplicate a lot of lives by ending hers–Siggy takes the one avenue open to her: she travels to Alaska to meet the grandfather who has reached out to her, and there she will learn who—and what—she really is.

SON OF THE CRESCENT MOON: Cyrus Meshkian is a dutiful son and promising student with a painful secret: his father, once a renowned physician, has schizophrenia and was last seen living on the streets. When Cyrus begins experiencing the symptoms of the same illness, he thinks he would do anything to avoid his father’s fate. But when a mysterious stranger promises to teach Cyrus dark magic that would keep the madness at bay, Cyrus must decide between losing his mind—or losing his soul.