“I’ve never wanted to be the kind of person a demon would be happy to see.”

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~Siggy J. Aleksov

SPLIT FEATHER is the first book of a unique super-series, SUN AND MOON, which comprises two distinct modern fantasy series that eventually become one.

DAUGHTER OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN: Siggy J. Aleksov is a troubled young woman. Taken from her family as a toddler, abandoned by her adoptive mother into the foster care system as a preteen, she is haunted by a history of abandonment, abuse, and mental health issues. She lives in a crappy trailer in the woods in Bearpaw, Michigan—alone, just the way she likes it. But then she goes and does something heroic, and screws up her rotten life even further. Homeless, jobless, hunted by a gifted assassin, Siggy takes the one avenue open to her: she travels to Tsone, Alaska to meet the family she never knew she had. In this beautiful, wild, dangerous place, Siggy will learn who—and what—she really is.

Below is an excerpt:

Chapter 1


The guy standing in front of me had a demon riding his shoulder.

It was an ugly blue-grey thing about the size of a Michigan opossum, bloated like an animal that’s been dead on the side of the road for a few days, with wicked little clever hands and kind of a possum-y face, and a scaly black tail that hung down the guy’s back and curled back and forth, back and forth, like the one on that evil goddamn cat clock one of my foster grandmas used to have.

Sigh. I’d been able to get off work early, but I never got a break from being crazy.

I couldn’t help but stare.

Staring at things that aren’t really there—and talking back to the voices in my head—had gotten me in trouble since I was a kid. So I kept quiet, but that was only because I’d had years of practice. I mean, if snakes or bugs or something were crawling up your legs, you’d react, right? If a bear was in your living room, you wouldn’t just sit there sipping tea and chatting. You’d freak out. Knowing a demon isn’t real doesn’t make it any easier to ignore, believe me. It’s not easy being nuts.


SON OF THE CRESCENT MOON: Cyrus Meshkian is a dutiful son and promising student with a painful secret: his father, once a renowned physician, has schizophrenia and was last seen living on the streets. When Cyrus begins experiencing the symptoms of the same illness, he thinks he would do anything to avoid his father’s fate. But when a mysterious stranger promises to teach Cyrus dark magic that would keep the madness at bay, Cyrus must decide between losing his mind—or losing his soul.