Writing books that double as melee weapons.

Advance praise for Deborah A. Wolf’s THE DRAGON’S LEGACY:

“Beautiful and haunting. Hafsa Azeina, a shaman, and her warrior daughter, Sulema, are women of true strength. I was pulled into a world of large-scale epic fantasy, in the tradition Guy Gavriel Kay, that caught me from page one. This a rare find and not to be missed.”
~Barb Hendee, national bestselling co-author of the Noble Dead Saga

“The last time a book grabbed me this fast was when I beta read TWELVE KINGS for Bradley P. Beaulieu. No joke.” ~Sarah Chorn, Bookworm Blues

Daru, the Dreamshifter’s apprentice, came into the light alone.  Sulema’s heart skipped into a trot, and then to a canter, as his dark eyes wandered wide and dreaming among the girl-children of the Pride.  She held her breath as his gaze found hers and held, as he took a step forward…

Deborah A. Wolf was born in a barn and raised on wildlife refuges, which explains rather a lot.  As a child, whether she was wandering down the beach of an otherwise deserted island or exploring the hidden secrets of Alaska with her faithful dog Sitka, she always had a book at hand.  She opened the forbidden door, and set foot upon the tangled path, and never looked back.

She attended any college that couldn’t outrun her and has accumulated a handful of degrees, the most recent of which is a Master of Science Information Systems Management from Ferris State University.  Among other gigs, she has worked as an underwater photographer, Arabic linguist, and grumbling wage slave.  Throughout it all, Deborah has held onto one true and passionate love: the love of storytelling.

Deborah currently lives in northern Michigan with her kids (some of whom are grown and all of whom are exceptional), an assortment of dogs and horses, and one cat whom she suspects is possessed by a demon.